About us

Dear visitor We wish to thank you for dedicating your time and attention to our company and products.
 Équo originates from a project uniting a passion for aquariums, now a highly-respected profession, and the wish to use twenty years of working experience in high quality products.

The Équo product range has been specifically studied in order to:
- improve the living conditions of organisms growing in the aquarium.
- simplify the activity of maintenance of the tank.

Our company personally follows each production phase, from primary materials to final packaging, making it possible to guarantee rigorous quality control, while at the same time saving on costs, allowing us to offer our clients the best products at competitive prices.

Our wish to guarantee high quality has led to the study of innovative packaging methods, which assure an optimal preservation of the products as well as their practicality. For instance, liquid products are all packed PET bottle or pharmaceutical glass, where necessary in dosed disposable glass phials; solid products and powders on the other hand are enclosed in sachets or disposable aluminium sachets, guaranteeing a product which remains fresh until the moment of use.

Scientific research and experimentation of our entire range of products in the field, is your best guarantee of quality and efficiency. Équo, in fact, develops its products in highly specialised laboratories with the consultancy of chemists and biologists. All Équo products, before been put on sale, are specifically tested with scientific rigour in our own tanks in order to further guarantee efficiency and absence of side effects.

Moreover, as an additional service, Equo offers all its clients safety information on all its products (downloadable from this site), drawn up in specialized laboratories according to National and European norms and regulations, in order to guarantee all the information necessary for the correct and safe use of our products. 
We therefore invite you to try all our Équo products from authorized retailers, certain of your complete satisfaction.

Thank you
Mauro Calabrese