The use of NUTROBACT is particularly recommended, combined with BACTERYA and/or BIO-NITRONEX, in freshwater and marine aquariums showing a lack of bioavailable Carbon (Carbon is essential for metabolism of bacteria involved in the Nitrate and Phosphate transformation). Improve macronutrient balance due to its formulation, and increase the BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand), enhancing the denitrification process by the proliferation of bacterial cells.  Its employment ensure the supply of group B vitamins, which are a limiting factor of bacterial growth, promoting the optimal growth of bacterial cells and subsequently a better water quality. 

It provides a substantial supply of Carbon immediately available for the bacteria; Contrasts the decrease of bacterial biomass; Optimises Redox potential acting on BOD; Enhance biological transformation of Nitrates and Phosphates. Effective and easy to use thanks to single-use phials; Non-flammable and Non-toxic; It doesn’t release any harmful vapour.

Carbon in concentrated aqueous solution. 

A 5 mL phial up to 500 liters of water, once every 7, 15 days, according to the necessity.

Agitate the phial before the use, extract the liquid with the special pipette. Pour the required dose directly into the aquarium. Avoidoverdose: although this does not have toxic effects, might promote excessive bacterial growth, causing a decrease in dissolved oxygen in the aquarium.

Is recommended tokeep the product at low temperatures, preferably in the fridge.


Format: Box of 06 and 24 phials