The preparation of the water has always been a problem for every aquarium lover. Tap water is often too enriched with mineral salts and metals for the needs of ornamental fish. It is therefore necessary to add demineralised water in order to obtain the correct balance of saline concentration. Over the past few years the use of water known as ‘inverse osmosis’ has been introduced. This water is the result of a process of demineralisation, which is based on an osmotic exchange. By this process we can obtain water which will maintain only a small quantity of salts but is still not ideal for use in aquariums. In order to solve this problem, Équo has created LINFA A&B, two liquid solutions which re-mineralise the water with inverse osmosis bringing it to the optimum level of KH and GH. LINFA A&B reintegrates all those salts, which, although present in traces, are indispensable for the well-being of the plant-life and fish of the aquarium. LINFA A&B simplifies the life of the aquarium lover by providing a quality of water, which remains pure and constant in its level of saline concentration.



LINFA A: 1ml in 1lt of osmosis water increases the GH of 10 °
LINFA B: 1ml in 1lt of osmosis water increases the KH of 5 °.
The water is immediately ready for use with the following characteristics: carbonate hardness 5°dKH, total hardness 10° dGH This concentration is ideal for aquariums containing communities.


Prepare the required quantity of water in a container and insert a movement pump and a thermo-heater in order to obtain an even distribution of solutions and the temperature required for the aquarium. It is advisable to introduce the bio-conditioner SCUDO and the fertilizer  FLORIDO G30 or FLORIDO TRACCE, used for water changing, in order to obtain water with the optimum characteristics. After 24 hours the water is ready for use in the aquarium. 



Format: Box with 2 Bottle of 100; Tank of 2.5 and 5lt