Aquariums are enclosed environments, in which as opposed to natural environments such as the sea, lakes or rivers, there is no guarantee of continuous change of water. Inside the tank, as in nature, pollutants and toxins are produced by the metabolism of the organisms living there. These substances must be adequately equalized to avoid harming the health of fish, plants and invertebrates. The decomposition of organic nitrogen such as, the amino acids present in waste products, in the putrefacation in organic substances and left over food, constitute a constant source of ammonia through a process known as “Ammonification”. This process is set in motion by specific bacteria which, by breaking down the amino nitrogen, frees ammonia. The ammonia molecules, produced in this way in the aquarium, are highly toxic even in low concentration for the organisms living there, and therefore to be rendered harmless must undergo two further oxidation reactions by free bacteria:

  • a process called nitrification in which nitrificating bacteria plays a major part which transforms ammonia in nitrites (NO2)
  • a process known as nitritition in which the nitrificating bacteria oxidise the nitrites and contributes to the production of nitrates (NO3)

The complete process shown above is known as “the nitrogen cycle”.
During the preparation of aquariums they lack the micro-organisms necessary to start the nitrogen cycle; the use of specific products to start and maintain this cycle are therefore essential for the necessary reactions through a complete and balanced bacterial colony.  BIO-SOIL/BIO-SOIL CAPS is an effective biological activator in powder form, based on bacteria and enzymes selected to improve the general conditions of the substrata and water.  It promotes the rapid start of a correct Nitrogen cycle and aids the stabilization of the ecosystem in the aquarium.   Moreover, BIO-SOIL/BIO-SOIL CAPS,  favours the mineralization of organic substances present on the bottom of the tank, making them available to the vegetation. BIO-SOIL/BIO-SOIL CAPS can be successfully used both in freshwater aquariums, marine and in using the approach Jaubert or DSB.

It’s fast acting thanks to the double actions of the nitrificating bacteria which completes the reaction from ammonia to nitrates; Thanks to the presence of anaerobic micro organisms it completes the nitrogen cycle transforming nitrates into nitrogen molecules (N2); It accelerates the nitrification process even with BOD5 levels above 200ml oo2/l (high levels of pollution)Reducing pollution stops micro organisms spreading; It can be handled without any particular precautions since it is not harmful.

A mixture of bacterial cultures selected by NITROSOMONAS spp., NITROBACTER spp. and BACILLUS anaerobes optional

After having put the substrata (VIGOR) or coral sand (MARINA/MARINANERA), gently on the bottom of the tank, add the necessary quantity of BIO-SOIL as uniformly as possible; cover this all with TERRANERA or TERRABRUNA, gravel or coral.  For the maintenance phase BIO-SOIL CAPS are available. 

Set up
100gr are sufficient for 100l of water; 250gr for 250l.
Every two weeks, put in the bottom of the substrate one capsule each 50lt.


Format: Cans with 30 or 60 capsules