Liquid biological activator based on photosynthetic bacteria and selected probiotic bacterial consortia, for the biological transformation of organic substances (biodegradation). Probiotics are live microorganisms that, administered regularly in adequate quantities, benefit the target system, in this case the aquarium. The integration of probiotics enriches the bacterial biodiversity of the aquarium by improving the biochemical cycles in its interior in a similar way as happens in nature.

PROBACT is made exclusively with non-pathogenic microorganisms able to metabolize pollutants of organic origin, even in prohibitive conditions.

PROBACT is used in the start-up and subsequent management of fresh and saltwater aquariums and ponds, and in all cases in which the biological filtering system needs extra support, due to issues such as organic overload and large quantities of sludge to be disposed of.  


- Immediate increase of aerobic and anaerobic bacterial populations (and of the relative production of enzymes) able to metabolize polluting organic substances, even in high concentrations or in weakly biodegradable form;
- The probiotics synthesize and release group B vitamins, which are used in the cellular metabolism of other non-pathogenic bacteria in the aquarium. This improves the bacterial metabolism and therefore the speed of biodegradation while avoiding a decrease in the oxygen dissolved in water;
- PROBACT bacteria synthesize and release molecules with an antibiotic and antiviral action that hinders the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms, thus sanitizing the system subjected to treatment.
- The high metabolic rate of the PROBACT bacteria, thanks to the properties of the formula, also facilitates nitrification and denitrification processes.
- It is an easy-to-use liquid product that can be handled without risk.


Liquid mix of photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic bacterial consortia. 

A 5 ml vial for up to 250 litres of water, once every 7 to 15 days, as needed.

Shake the vial before use and extract the liquid with a suitable pipette. Add the required amount directly into the aquarium. 

It is recommended to keep the product at low temperatures, preferably in a refrigerator. 


Format: Box of 6 and 24 phials