The kit contains all basic elements for the management of a NANO REEF first aquarium. It contains an 100ml bottle per type of the following products:  

ALLIUM is a garlic essence; even if this product is not a medicinal product, it has been shown that fishes suffering from ectoparassitosis benefit from addition of garlic active principles to their diet. ALLIUM can be added to feed or directly into the water. COMPOSITION: Osmosis water, Garlic essence. DOSAGE: 5ml per 100lt of water one or more times a week.

It is a biological liquid activator composed of selected bacteria and enzymes which allows the complete nitrogen cycle. ADVANTAGES: It’s fast acting thanks to the double actions of the nitrificating bacteria which completes the reaction from ammonia to nitrates; Thanks to the presence of anaerobic micro organisms it completes the nitrogen cycle transforming nitrates into nitrogen molecules (N2); It accelerates the nitrification process even with BOD5 levels above 200ml oo2/l (high levels of pollution); Reducing pollution stops micro organisms spreading; It can be handled without any particular precautions since it is not harmful. INGREDIENTS: A mixture of bacterial cultures selected by NITROSOMONAS spp., NITROBACTER spp. and BACILLUS anaerobes optional. DOSAGE: 5ml of 0 to 100 liters once a week in the biological filter. 

The SCUDO changes sea water and makes it suitable for flora and fauna. It strengthens and defends the fish and invertebrates, making them more resistant to foreign aggressions. its use is indicated for all stressful situations of the fish and invertebrates for example during and after the transportation phase, with abrasions and the changes of the water and in case of added visitors in the aquarium.With the use of the SCUDO, fish and invertebrates won’t have problems “settling in” even the most delicate spices.COMPOSITION: Aloe vera, PVP, Iodine, Potassium; Iodide. DOSAGE: Quantity: 5ml every 20 litres according to the volume. Water change: 5ml every 20 litres of new water.

The Iodide ion is an important oligo-element which is naturally present in sea water, but it can be rapidly consumed in an aquarium.    Iodide is a key nutrient for invertebrates and fish and promotes the growth of octopi.  Furthermore it participates actively in the process of pigmentation of corals.  SALINO I is a new source of iodide ions, rapidly available to the aquarium organisms. COMPOSITION: Osmosis water, Potassium iodide. DOSAGE: 5ml per 100lt of water one or more times a week.  

Lots of the elements found in seawater, some found in the smallest of quantities, which is why they are called “traces” of elements. Nether the less they are fundamental for a good and safe growth of marine reef. They are needed by both fish and invertebrates: tridacne, hard and soft corals, calcareous seaweed etc. SALINO TRACCE is a mix of salts with an elevated purity, studied in such a way as to contain all trace elements necessary for the development and growth of the organisms present in the aquarium.  The form of the elements present in SALINO TRACCE makes them ready to be utilized by all organisms present in the aquarium.  COMPOSITION: Osmosis water, complex of traces elements. DOSAGE: 5ml per 100lt of water one or more times a week.

SALINO Ca & Mg REAKTOR LIQUIDCa – Mg – Sr – B – K Aqueous Solution with trace elements 
SALINO Ca & Mg REAKTOR LIQUID has been developed to maintain optima levels of  Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Strontium, Borax, and all  trace elements without having to use a true calcium reactor, even in barrier aquariums which are rich in coral and calcareous algae.  It is a balanced concentrated ionic solution and is easily absorbed. COMPOSITION: Osmosis water, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium, Strontium, Sodium Molybdate, Sodium Bicarbonate. DOSAGE: 5ml per 100lt of water one or more times a week. 


Format:  Box with six bottles of 100ml