The importance of the pH level for the maintenance of a healthy and balanced environment in the aquarium is a well-known fact, both in the case of fresh- water and salt-water tanks. The factors determining variations and sudden changes are too numerous to name. Water with a high level of carbon hardening is generally more stable re: pH levels. The level of concentration should not go below 3°dKH in fresh-water aquariums or 8°dKH in salt-water aquariums. As plant metabolism consumes carbon, as does bacterial metabolism, over time, there is a gradual reduction in the carbonate hardness. Équo has thus created STABILO KH+, an alkaline compound, which enables the water to maintain a stable level of carbonate hardness.


- By dissolving a 13,3-gram packet of STABILO KH+ in 100 litres of water, the degree of carbonate hardness is increased by approximately 4 degrees.
- By dissolving one capful of 5ml/cc in 50 litres of water, the degree of carbonate hardness is increased by approximately 5 degrees.


Avoid dissolving the salts directly in the aquarium. Remove 500ml of water from the aquarium and dissolve the required quantity of salt. Slowly pour the solution obtained back into the pump container. Do not pour the solution into the filter container. Do not increase the level by more than 2° dKH in any 24-hour period. As there may be a waste margin of 2°dKH in aquariums containing carbon dioxide and other saline solutions, it is advisable to start with a half dose and to check the level of carbonate hardness after one hour using the appropriate KH test, before proceeding. CONTAINS: SODIUM HYDROGEN CARBONATE - EC 205-633-8.   



Format: Box of 12 sachets, Jar of 500g, 1kg, 5kg