News: Organic promoter “VIVIDO”

From the E’quo lab, a new interesting product for the healthy equilibrium of the fresh and marine aquarium:

Organic promoter of the aquarium ecological equilibrium
favors the optimal ecological equilibrium of Your aquarium, acting on the chemical.physical factors that cause alterations in the environmental conditions and proliferation of opportunistic animal and vegetable species. Vivido promotes healthy growth of aquatic plants and symbiosis between reef-building corals and zooxanthellae; It improves the appearance of Your aquarium, making it luxuriant and vivid.

5 ml every 100 lt per day, for a period ranging from 1 to 2 weeks. The dosage may increase or decrease depending on the response of aquarium ecosystem (never in any case more than 50% compared to what is recommended). The product does not harm aquarium animals and plants. Periods of use in such increased doses should be daily monitored: at the first sign of animal illness, change water immediately and filter with activated coal. At the end of the cycle, filter with active coal and use Bacterya and/or Bio-nitronex to favor the biological functionality of the filter.

Osmosis Water, Glutaraldehyde, Magnesium.

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